With and Without the Soil Secrets Protocol

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With and Without the Soil Secrets Protocol

The close up of seed was done in our lab where we treated some of the seed with our EndoMaxima mycorrhizal spores and did not treat some.  

The seed was planted in clear plastic books so we could see the roots and the fungal growth on the roots.  The seed that’s germinating was at day 3 while the non treated seed at day three is not showing the same amount of germination.  

This is a mycorrhizal only test.  

The wheat fields showing two fields comparing is with Ag Grade TerraPro and EndoMaxima being used on the treated field.  

The image showing roots was taken with our soil camera and the image with lots of roots also shows the mycorrhizal roots as tiny hairs crossing over to the bigger plant hair roots.  

The image with only one root and without all the roots was the book not treated with EndoMaxima.  Both images were taken at the same soil depth and timeline.

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