Consortium BIOpack

Using microbes and mycorrhizal fungi is easy and beneficial to soil and crops, plus the cost is low!  

Using the Consortium BIOpack is easier, than you may think! You just mix the bacteria in water and spray it on the soil.  One pack treats one acre for only $38/acre (per pack).   

Below are two photos of pumpkins being grown in New Mexico with some treated with microbes and some not treated with microbes.   You can tell which are which!    

With our Consortium BIOpack!
Without Added Bacteria.

Our BIOpack contains every bacteria needed by a plant needed to access every mineral in the soil, fixing the Dysbiosis often found in agricultural soils.

 It will also produce nitrogen in the soil by using a group of bacteria capable of fixing nitrogen without needing a nitrogen-fixing plant like a legume.  

These are called Free-Living Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria.  

Registered and certified by the ATCC, the American Type Culture Collection and its also Certified by the USDA Biopreferred Program.