Carbon Matrix
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Carbon Matrix

Adding Life To Your Soil Using TerraPro!

The important thing to remember is that everything that’s good that must happen in a soil depends on two things.  Water and Oxygen.  The Carbon Matrix of TerraPro will help provide both of those two things.  
1. Microbes need water.
2. Roots need water.
3. Plants need water to  carry on photosynthesis.
4. Plants need water to transport the minerals from the soil up into the plant.
5. In order for soil to hold water there must be space made in the soil to accommodate the water.  We can measure that space by using a penetrometer testing for the soils psi.  A high  psi means there’s no space in the soil for water or for oxygen and roots will have trouble living in that tight soil. 
6. Most of the beneficial (but not all of them) need oxygen in order to live in the soil.  This requires that the soil must have space for oxygen and again we can measure that change by using a penetrometer.