Earth Nectar

Earth Nectar

Liquid Compost Plus

Nectar is a combination of Seaweed/Kelp, naturally rich in Plant Growth Regulators (Auxins, Cytokinins, andGibberellins), and beneficial enzymes. 

The kelp is solubilized into an aged liquefied compost using a proprietary process invented by Soil Secrets. 

After a period of aging, a blend of specific enzymes is added. 

Plant growth regulators, also know as growth hormones, accelerate cell division and is a benefit coming from adding kelp and algae to the formulation process. 

Our studies at the Soil Secrets nursery (Trees That Please Nursery) have shown when combining Nectar with Ambrosia the maximum potential of healthy gardens and crops is unlocked.

Ingredients: Soil Secrets Liquid compost concentrate, Fulvic water (Water Extracted Humate), enzymes, Extract of Seaweed, commercially grown Algae, micronized Seaweed,Earth Worm Castings


Soil Containers / In Ground / Raised beds: Mix 1 tsp. (5 ml) of Nectar and 1 tsp. (5 ml) of Ambrosia per gallon of water. For best results apply every watering from the seedling/clone throughout flowering.

Hydroponic System:add 5 ml of Earth Ambrosia with Earth Nectar per gallon of water in the reservoir. For best results use a least once every 2 weeks. 

Cloning Systems: Add 3 ml of Nectar and 3 ml of Ambrosia per gallon of water. Apply as soon as roots start to emerge.