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Soil Secrets Products in Agriculture

In recent years yields have suffered and profits have gone down. Poor soil health is the cause. At Soil Secrets we are certain that a good ‘biological soil management plan’ will improve soil health. Our products play an essential role in that plan.

In recent years, there’s been a growing acceptance by anyone involved in the business of soil restoration to use Probiotic/Beneficial Soil Microbes and products claiming to have as an active ingredient a substance called Humic Acid, all as tools for fixing the many problems of soil. Soil treatments with efficacy testing demonstrating that the products contained the “right stuff”, the active ingredients that merit the claim of benefit, were not always available. For example, the term Humic Acid refers to a substance that has never been described on a molecular level and currently there is no standardized method available to all the commercial labs and all the university labs for finding, isolating and describing this molecular substance. Even at Soil Secrets we made this mistake when trying to apply for a patent on a product we felt contained Humic Acid in a bio-identical form to what can be found in Nature’s best example of a healthy soil. We employed under a Commercial Proprietary Information Contract the National Labs in New Mexico to perform complicated Tests and Measurements of our product and of soil to find, isolate and define the molecules of Humic Acid, but what we discovered was something different. What we discovered was that in soil and in our product we have an amazing carbon rich substance that benefits soil but using the term Humic Acid may not be the appropriate way of naming this substance. Until further notice we at Soil Secrets prefer to use the term Carbon Matrix in favour of Humic Acid. The objective of document is to address the engineering and construction of sites including farm soil reclamation, mine reclamation, erosion control, and the design build of urban sites. The bottleneck or limiting factors in fixing a soil work so it will support healthy vegetation may be more complicated than just cramming organic matter (compost) into the soil and adding seed. Soil Secrets is a Biomimitic Soil Ecology Company that uses Nature as our Mentor and Inspiration. Using biomimicry we understand and appreciate that if a soil is lacking a particular microbe, such as the fungi mycorrhizae, we must add it to the equation. Another example of this process is a common situation in alkaline western soils where we see interveinal yellowing of leaves called chlorosis. Why does this happen? Alkaline western soils lock up iron, and many other nutrients, making those nutrients unavailable to the vegetation, however by adding the appropriate molecular biology and specific microbes we can fix that problem and make nutrient uptake sustainable. Plant roots fix soil because its plant roots that feed the biota of the soil, therefore it can be said that plant roots need healthy plants above ground to conduct photosynthesis because that’s where the energy comes from to make everything click. At Soil Secrets using biomimicry we make everything click.

So What Do We Do?

Soil Secrets provides the finest quality compost, worm castings, liquid organic nutrients, soil Pro-Biotics and organic Biofertilizers, all useful tools for improving soil health. We manufacture many products which fix damaged soil and improve the production yield of a farm. Our research has focused on the development of molecular biology using beneficial soil microbes, mycorrhizal fungi, soil food to feed the microbes and a soil activator using a proprietary carbon matrix product tested using a molecular characterization study at the National Laboratories in New Mexico. In other words using a Commercial Proprietary Information Contract with both Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories we discovered what the molecules are within our product, giving us the information needed to understand and predict what the Mechanism of Action will be when this substance is added to your soil. Our soil inoculants using beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi are the best in the industry. Our bacteria product called Consortium BIO pack is a soil probiotic that’s ATCC Certified (American Type Culture Collection) and certified bio based by the USDA’s BioPrefered Program. Our mycorrhizal product called EndoMaxima Advanced exceeds any and all competing products in “Live Spore Count per pound of product.” Because of its purity in spore count EndoMaxima Advanced can be used in a Vacuum Air Planter and still get the required 300,000 spores per acre onto the seed without plugging up your seeding machine.

We’ve done the definitive molecular characterization analysis on the molecules of soil called the Carbon Matrix(some people call this Humic Acids). This research was performed at the National Laboratories in New Mexico under contract using a Commercial Proprietary Information Contract. This means that the information obtained under this contract belongs to Soil Secrets, but is not an endorsement by the National Nuclear Laboratories of the Department of Energy. We selected the National Laboratories for this project because they are the only two facilities on earth that have the equipment and the ability to purify from a soil sample the significant carbon molecules of the Matrix without damaging them. Our product called Agriculture Grade TerraPro contains as an active ingredient this Carbon Matrix.

Healthy Soil globally effects the health of our oceans, air, nutrient density of our food and the health of everything and everyone concerned. At Soil Secrets we use the best science known that contributes to the better health of soil in order to ‘Instigate – Stimulate – & Cultivate’ the natural processes of Nature’s best soil.