For the Home Owner

Make a Healthy Choice

Soil Secrets® simplifies traditional gardening, using a unique choice of soil improving products formulated to work. Our system will help you succeed in growing a beautiful and healthy landscape for your family, while also helping you grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables at home.

Why Soil Secrets?

It’s healthier

We’ve all heard a friend or relative say, “I can’t grow anything, I have a black thumb,” well that’s not true, they just have crummy soil that can be fixed. Using the science of Nature, our company Soil Secrets can provide you with the tools you need to improve your soil health. This will result in the veggies you grow in your kitchen garden tasting better and containing higher levels of vitamins and minerals than what the grocery store veggies contain. Nutrient Dense food also taste better, making your food more delicious and better for you and your families health. How does Soil Secrets do this? By using Nature as our Inspiration, called Biomimitic Soil Ecology. You see we are confident that the millions of years of the Natural process of soil building is perfect and can be trusted to be the best way to make our soils healthy. Using biomimicry we can add to the most awful soil the “Right Stuff” of Nature that will fix your soil. We’ve all seen TV commercials for Probiotics where we add beneficial microbes to our digestive system in order to improve our health. Well the same thing applies to soil, however the microbes we use are specific to soil so adding your grocery store brand of probiotics won’t do you any good in fixing your kitchen garden soil. With Soil Secrets however we can provide a blend of over 20 specific microbes that can fix your soil. Our soil probiotic blend of beneficial soil microbes and our exclusive soil builder are both contained in our product called Soil Activator (TerraPro). To feed your soils community of beneficial microbes we need the building blocks of all life which are Amino Acids and to get this done we use our Soil Food (Protein Crumblies). Using the products of Soil Secrets you will have a Green Thumb and there’s more good news. The longer you use Soil Secrets the higher the levels of soil carbon you will obtain and the better the soil structure you will get. This results in your soil managing water better, which in turn reduces how much water you will need to use in order to have that beautiful lawn and garden.

It’s easier

Soil Secrets products are easy to apply and can be used on your garden, lawn, orchard and even house plants. Unlike many fertilizers, manures, mushroom compost and other inputs, there’s nothing to worry about as the products of Soil Secrets are designed to restore the natural health of soils, while also meeting the benchmark of the USDA National Organic Program. And you’ll have a full range of customer support to help ensure a successful growing experience, including our online Resource Center. Discover all the ways Soil Secrets makes gardening easier.

It’s smarter

Soil Secrets is an advocate and practitioner of everything natural and organic. We have also retained the help of the National Labs to help us refine the science and the efficacy of our Humus based products. Because of our unique Humus technology, Soil Secrets is able to mimic the natural system of soil building, while providing you with huge water savings, healthier home grown food, healthier soil and a more beautiful landscape around your home.