Liquid Algae


We are excited to begin offering as part of our lineup of soil building crop enhancing products the next generation of biofertilizers using Algae.  

With Algae we can control the N-P-K needed by the grower, providing a superior product over other liquid fertilizer products derived from fish, kelp and soybean proteins.  

In the world of agriculture, liquid fertilizers Fish Emulsions have been very popular.  

The problem with liquid fish is several including the smell, the potential for rotting food poisoning type bacteria, the need to use chlorine or an acid down pH stabilizer to bring the pH so low it stops the growth of bacteria and mold.  

Fish Emulsion is also limited to a Nitrogen level of 2% with products going higher needed something to fortify the Nitrogen levels.   


Soil Secrets is working on offering an Algae based liquid biofertilizer that can have a Nitrogen level of 7% and not require the pH down stabilizer.  

Also, no smell, no bad bacteria or mold.  

Algae based biofertilizer can also be qualified as a Rapidly Renewable Resource that meets the standard of Organic.  

This product is also OMRI listed.