Professional Grade Mycorrhizal Inoculant

MycoMaxima®is a professional grade ultra-concentrated Mycorrhizal inoculant containing 9 species of beneficial fungi to promote growth. 

This professional grade Mycorrhizal inoculant intentionally does not include other microorganisms, nor does it include bio-stimulants, as the intent of this product is to be a mycorrhizal inoculant only of the highest purity available! 

The viability, purity and high concentration of MycoMaxima ensures the highest degree of potential success.

MycoMaxima contains Rhizophagus irregularis (syn. Glomus intraradices) an Arbuscular Mycorrhizae species and 8 species of Ectomycorrhizae. 

 Glomus intraradices associates with the vast majority of agricultural short term crops! 

Ectomycorrhizae associate with many conifers (i.e. hemlocks, firs and spruce) and hardwoods (i.e. pecans and oaks). 

For a complete list of plants and how they associate with, see our Mycorrhizal Associations List.  ⇐ READ MORE.