Why Protein Crumblies?

By Michael Melendrez

I’m often asked, why do we use the type of protein we have in Protein Crumblies and isn’t Horticulture Grade Molasses or Fish emulsions, Chicken manure, and Feather meal just as good at feeding the microbes of the soil a nutritional calorie. In recent years the phrase Soil Food Web has been used a lot in circles of organic and sustainable agriculture. It considers the flow of nitrogen from the smallest microbial animal on up to the largest animal,with somebody getting consumed by somebody larger. 

At each trophic level of life an excess of nitrogen is not needed by the consumer with this excess then becoming available for plants to use. On every spot on earth where a plant can grow something has died and contributed its body parts to the feeding of the microbes. It’s been my opinion for over two decades that the behavior and the health of the soil microbes is contingent upon the type of organic matter that is decomposing and that protein plays a huge role in the development of soil 

Recalcitrant Carbons (the Humic Acids) and the macroaggregate structure of soil. It’s for this reason that I developed the use of Protein Crumblies as a high quality protein for feeding the microbes of the soil and the reason we try to focus on the concept that the product is truly a nutritional calorie with many characteristics and not just a source of nitrogen.