Soil Changes caused by TerraPro's Carbon Matrix

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Soil Changes caused by TerraPro's Carbon Matrix
Since 2004 we’ve been monitoring a site in Northern Arizona’s desert where our Carbon Matrix of TerraPro along with our EndoMaxima mycorrhizal product has been used. The Consortium BIOpack has not been part of this test since we had not yet developed it in 2004. I’ve attached a soil test done from samples collected in the fall of 2016. Check out the changes. The attached test shows the Control, which is the original soil before Soil Secrets plus the trial site. The one thing I don’t agree with is the soil pH as I have other soil tests done by the same lab that show the original pH at 8.6 with the Trial site soil pH dropping to 7.4. Knowing the geology of the parent rock on this site I find that reading more likely.
Also, the Trial site % Soil Organic Matter of 5.8% is the average of the soil going down 18 inches deep. The control and the original soil had .6% soil organic matter. When I tested for the average going down 12 inches the % soil organic matter is 7.6%. We can all appreciate the benefit that soil carbon provides and every farmer, landscape designer, landscape contractor I’ve ever met is on the page, trying to increase the soil organic matter content using whatever means they have available. I think this huge change in % soil organic matter on this Soil Secrets trial site exemplifies the process of Soil Carbon Sequestration. Take a look at the pictures of the soil, before and after if you’d like to see them. It’s quite impressive for those of us into soil carbon and soil health.
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