Soil Conditioners

A soil conditioner is a product which is added to soil to improve the soil’s physical qualities such as the structure, the porosity, its water holding potential, and its ability to provide nutrition. Both Commercial TerraPro and Ag grade TerraPro are sold as a dry granular formulation. 

TerraPro (commercial)

The carbon matrix charged with a Consortium of beneficial microbes called a Soil Probiotic, including mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria. Normally this product is sold in .6 cubic foot bags and is granular in texture. Commercial TerraPro can be provided as a powder in the event the contractor is applying as a hydroseeding protocol. Also used by retail customers, landscape maintenance companies.   READ MORE →


TerraPro (Ag Grade)

Sold only in 40 cubic foot bags as a dry granular product. The carbon matrix in a granular texture for use in agriculture and being applied with typical fertilizer spreading equipment. Does not contain the beneficial soil probiotic.   READ MORE →