Specialized Products


A colloidal mixture of nutrients made from digesting compost into a liquid. Can be used as the foundation substrate of a liquid fertilizer product by custom blending N-P-K or trace elements.

Earth Ambrosia

A colloidal mixture of a liquid compost plus liquid humate containing a source of humic acids.

Earth Nectar

A colloidal mixture of a concentrate of liquid compost, fortified with enzymes. Is popular as an additive to hydroponic systems.

Green Thumb Victory Garden Kit –

Containing a Soil Conditioner, Soil Food and the Biofertilizer all needed for growing a beautiful healthy garden. For the homeowner that wants to have the healthiest garden soil possible, this product combines our Commercial TerraPro and our Protein Crumblies in an easy to use kit. Kit provides enough material to treat a 200 square foot kitchen garden.