Agricultural Grade TerraPro

Made for Farmers!

TerraPro is a formulated Carbon Matrix product. A complete molecular characterization study of TerraPro’s carbon matrix molecules has been performed under a Proprietary Information Contract with the National Nuclear Laboratories, with the information owned by Soil Secrets LLC. 

Healthy Soil is essential if you are attempting to improve crop yield, crop nutrient density, soil porosity, soil structure, water management, and better quality food for all concerned. 

Everything that’s good that must happen in the soil depends on the right amount of water and oxygen in the soil along with a healthy ecology of beneficial microbes and soil carbon. 

TerraPro can improve all these things! 

The proprietary Carbon Matrix of TerraPro benefits desirable bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi to help support healthy plant growth. 

Benefits seen could include greater crop yield, reduced irrigation water required, improved soil porosity,reduced soil salinity, improved Nutrient Density, improved soil structure, increased soil carbon sequestration, and improved soil biota diversity. 

This mix will support a healthy soil by improving the structure of your soil, supporting beneficial microbes, and improving the porosity of soil. 

TerraPro works with all crops, trees, ornamental’s, turf and garden vegetables. In field trials on the Nations largest farms its been shown to decrease soil compaction, improve water and oxygen penetration and increase the soils biota of beneficial microbes.

Ingredients:Purified Carbon from Oxidized Lignite, protein, algae, colloidal compost with enzymes (Soil Secrets brand SUPRAPLEX).

  • Application Rate: Farmers have used TerraPro at rates of 500 to 2000 pounds per acre, depending on the needs of the site. 

Product can be top-dressed onto the surface and watered in., or lightly cultivated into the top¼”to½”inch.

 Going deeper and using more product may be necessary for Petroleum Hydrocarbon remediation, or Salinity and Sodium remediation. 

For best results apply a protein source such as soy protein, fish meal, or the Soil Secrets brand Protein Crumblies applying 200 to 300 pounds of protein per acre. 

Direction for Use: Top dress or cultivate into the soil, followed by irrigation after applying. 

If flood irrigating, cultivating into the soil is ideal. 

TerraPro can either be used as a stand alone product on all landscapes, farms, or gardens or combined with our Protein Crumblies. 

Can also be used on all house plants at 1 tea spoon per 1 gallon size pot, top-dressed, or mixed into potting soil at 5%of mix weight. 

Not for human, livestock or pet consumption.