TerraPro and Protein Crumblies

The Biomimetic Science of TerraPro and Protein Crumblies

 Soil Secrets is a biomimetic company that can fix soil!  

Biomimicry is innovation inspired by Nature and in the case of Soil Secrets its where we are using Nature as our Mentor.   

Biomimicry of Soil Ecology will become the standard of agriculture in the near future because we will learn that the many problems of agriculture can be solved by tapping into what Nature does.  

After many millions of years of Natures Research and Development, life has learned what works and what’s appropriate on the planet and right now those of us  trying to repair and instigate a healthy soil are looking for tools in the tool box that are sustainable and economically feasible to use and biomimetic processes are the answer.  

 At Soil Secrets for the past 30 years we’ve been teaching our clients and demonstrating  that with biomimicry a sustainable world already exists.  



In recent years I’ve chosen to steer away from the term Humic Acid to describe the active ingredient in our TerraPro product.  The reason?
 No company and no scientist on earth can tell you what a Humic or a Fulvic acid ACTUALLY IS, not even us; and neither one have ever been found or described at a MOLECULAR Level. 
However with our work with the National Labs we have described the “black carbon stuff” of soil, and we have a full molecular characterization description of what it is. A Carbon Matrix. 
The “Carbon Matrix” of soil is what is capable of performing chemical reactions that benefit the soil and benefit plant nutrition.  
This is called the Mechanism of Action.   For example, attached to the whole Carbon Matrix are Functional Groups, which in organic chemistry, functional groups of one or more atoms of distinctive chemical properties within molecules are responsible for the characteristic chemical reactions of those molecules.  The properties of each type of functional group remains the same regardless of the type or the size of the molecule they are attached to.  We know exactly who the functional groups are and what percent of the whole matrix each functional group represents.  This is information that no humic acid company can say about their product.   

Now the whole Carbon Matrix is made up of several unique species of molecules that all come together to form a Supramolecular substance.  The physics of a Supramolecular substance means the substance will self assemble into something bigger without an outside influence, and the molecules making up the bigger substance are not chemically bonded to each other.    

If you look closely at the Supramolecular substance, you can clearly see inside the structure rings which are aromatic rings.  These rings are made up of only 6 carbon atoms, but the rings are the source of the energy of the whole substance.  


Each ring is an Induced Magnetic Field.  


Understand that all life is contingent upon electricity and all soil health is also contingent upon electricity, and this is where the electricity is coming from.  

 If you have one Aromatic ring that generates an electrical value of 1, than adding a second ring gives you 2.  The more rings you add the more electrical value you gain.  In this case the whole Supramolecular substance is huge, made up of 100’s of thousands of atoms, aromatic rings, and Functional Groups.  

Given that this Carbon Matrix substance is huge, being Supramolecular, and in the case of TerraPro it is bio-identical: It has an influence on soil that benefits all life in the soil.
1.  It opens the structure of soil allowing water and oxygen to penetrate.
2.  Since many of the microbes of the soil biota need oxygen and water, the opening of the soil structure helps them live there.  I call this a Pre-Biotic benefit. 
3.  Opening the soil structure, improving the soils porous nature allowing roots to grow and penetrate into areas they could not formerly penetrate.  This improves water and nutrient uptake into the plant. 
4.  The Carbon Matrix also directly benefits microbes by participating in microbial respiration, by providing oxygen using a chemical shuttle called a Donor and Acceptor system.   
5.  Because the Carbon Matrix improves the soil structure and porosity and water penetration, the soil can now also hold more water.   This buffers the drought stress cycle helping plants live with less irrigation or less rainfall. 
6. It also buffers the salinity factor in soils, reducing the damage caused by the salinity  dragging water out of the plant and into the soil, called osmotic drag.  

Protein Crumblies

Nutritional Calories for the Soil Microbes

Protein Crumblies® is a vegetable source of protein built out of Amino Acids. 

Amino Acids are the building blocks of all Proteins and all life, essential for the construction of all life on Earth. Protein contains calories used by living creatures as energy, where every gram of protein contains 4 calories of energy.

Within the molecular structure of Protein are the structures called Amino Acids and within the Amino Acid Structure is the part called the Amino which contains Nitrogen. 

We eat protein because we need Nitrogen just like plants need Nitrogen and the microbes of soil need Protein not only for the Nitrogen, but for the caloric energy. 


Protein Crumblies provides the following benefits:

  1. Supports Soil Ecology by providing protein needed for the Soil Food Web.
  2. Builds microbial biomass.
  3. Increases crop yields.
  4. Improves drought tolerance. 
  5. Improves Carbon Sequestering of the Soil by growing root and microbe biomass.
  6. Improves food nutrient density.
  7. Provides Amino Acids which can be used by plants for Nitrogen uptake.
  8. Unlike Nitrogen fertilizers, Vegetable Protein does not have a salt index.
  9. Can replace Salt Index based Nitrogen fertilizer and meets the USDA NOP.
  10. Improves the crop/vegetation’s tolerance of environmental stress.