Molecular Carbon is the Driving Force of Soil Ecology

TerraPro® is a “Unique and Exclusive Proprietary Product of Soil Secrets” where the molecular characteristics of the Carbon Matrix found in Nature’s soil and were purified, identified ,and described using a “Commercial Proprietary Information Contract” at the National Nuclear Labs. 

The objective of the research was to find and describe for the first time the molecular characteristics of the carbon matrix molecules, along with understanding how the chemical reactions caused by the matrix benefit soil structure and soil health. 

Soil Secrets is able to replicate in a manufacturing process the Carbon Matrix as a result of this research giving us TerraPro! 

TerraPro’s Soil Activator provides a Carbon Matrix of molecular substances that benefit any landscape where improving the soil structure and soil moisture management of the site can benefit the vegetation. 

This includes but is not limited to farms, lawn, gardens, sports fields, mine reclamation, and erosion control construction projects. 

The Carbon Matrix in TerraPro’s formulation are biomimetic based carbon molecules that provide Aromatic Chemistry characteristics, providing a “Humectant” characteristic. 

By definition, a humectant is a hygroscopic substance used to keep things moist and hydrated, in this case helping to keep soil from drying out too fast. 

The Hygroscopy phenomenon of the molecules making up the Carbon Matrix was discovered when we performed the analysis of the Molecular Characterization of Humic Substances at the Los Alamos National Nuclear Labs.

Agriculture GradeTerraPro® provides the following benefits:

  • Improves Profit by increasing crop yields
  • Supports healthier crops
  • Reduces fertilizer runoff
  • Assists in soil remediation
  • Supports soil microbial respiration
  • Increases root, water and oxygen penetration into soil by improving soil porosity
  • Improves water retention and drought tolerance of crop
  • Improves uptake mineral nutrients into the plant
  • Supports a healthy soil ecology which in turn decreases disease pressure
  • Reduces heat stress and other environmental stresses