TTP Supreme Compost

Compost provides elements of nutrition for plants such as nitrogen, calcium, phosphorous, etc.   

However a guaranteed analysis is difficult to do with compost as the receipt of ingredients is impossible to keep exact.  Therefore compost is more easily recognized as a Soil Amendment.  

Our compost called TTP Supreme is screened to a minimum particle size so it can be used in a  hydroseeder, while minimizing plug up problems.  The screening process also  concentrates the mineral nutrient value by increasing the bulk density of the compost, therefore more compost per cubic foot of product. 

All compost contains mineral nutrients and nitrogen so the greater the bulk density the more compost per cubic foot and the higher the nutrient concentration per cubic foot.    

Also contains microbial saprophytes that will fortify a sterile soil with microbes for the objective of breaking down organic matter. 

 Remember, these are not the same microbes that we can provide in our Consortium BioPack product.  

Saprophytes are more generally plants, fungi, or micro-organisms more accurately called myco-heterotrophs because they actually parasitize fungi, rather than dead organic matter directly. They live on dead or decomposing matter.