What is Soil Secrets

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What is Soil Secrets

Growing any plant using Soil Secrets is going to yield success, a healthier plant, and a better yield. The reason is that Soil Secrets is using the “Inspiration of Nature in a Biomimetic Way.” In Nature, plants get all that they need using a Bio-Geo-Chemical process that has developed over hundreds of millions of years. For example, for every mineral or nutrient a plant needs, from nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc, etc., there’s a bacteria or fungi that can deliver that nutrient to the plant. Minerals only get locked up in the soil pH system when the microbes are missing, but once we put those microbes back into the equation the problem is solved. The only limitation that remains is the question, does the soil contain the mineral that the plant needs? A sandy soil may not since it’s weak in electrical magnetic capacity to hold onto the minerals in which case it may need to be added. However, if we use the strong Paramagnetic Electrical Magnetism of the Carbon Matrix found in TerraPro we can fortify the sandy soil and fix that problem as well, therefore holding onto both water and minerals resulting in producing a “Nutrient Dense Food.”

We need to market Soil Secrets as the “Growers Secret to Success, Beyond Organic” because we can fix soil problems. The idea that Dave Hicks and I tried to develop a few years ago falls in line with the same concept. Grown with Soil Secrets campaign.

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